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Stone to Lotus


What comes through the work I do is unique to each client, couple or group.  We may touch into gestalt therapy, parts work, hypnosis, movement practices, meditation techniques, prayer, drum journeys, ancestral guidance, ceremony, ritual, or psychic healing.

Whatever the approach, the goal is always wholeness, integration, full potential, wellness and connection with self, other, Nature and Life.

In my practice I welcome all religious backgrounds, skin colors, sexual orientations, gender expressions, political beliefs and personal histories.

For those who have a strong desire to do this work, but are currently experiencing financial hardship, I offer a percentage of my time and energy on a donation or trade basis.  If you are one of those people, I welcome you to schedule a consultation or contact me through the contact page.

Please schedule a free 30-45 minute consultation if you are interested in working together!

Thanks again for showing up.  May your day be filled with Beauty!