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Why did I come here?

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

Peru 2018 Standing in awe of the beauty of life after 2 weeks in the jungle.

As one who loves asking questions, I’ve been asking myself this particular question rather frequently. Why did I, as a soul or Spiritual being, choose to come here to live a human life?

I want to acknowledge that I have no idea if souls actually exist, and I get that this question makes a really big assumption that they do, but the truth of the assumption is not as important to me as the value of the information that comes through when I ask the question.

The reason I ask this particular question is because the answers often bring me inspiration when I am feeling stuck or confused, and that is a very valuable outcome.

Throughout my adult life I have noticed that I move through natural waves of inspiration, excitement and passion mixed with waves of exhaustion, confusion and lack of purpose. It seems that Covid-19 has brought strength to both sides of these waves, but over the years I have learned and cultivated many tools for surfing these waves as gracefully as possible.

One of my favorite tools for moving through difficult emotions is to get out a journal, or blank piece of paper, and write out the question “why did I come here?” and allow myself to write out any thoughts that come through as quickly as possible.

So why did I come here? ...This is what wants to come through in this moment of free writing

I came here to play, sing, and FEEEEEL. I came here to know what a strawberry tastes like, what the rain sounds like, what a rose smells like, and what the sun feels like on my skin! I came here to dance, to explore moving through space in this body, and perhaps most of all, I came here to love and be loved.

Okay, so this might sound a bit woo-woo to some, but the truth is that I get very similar answers every time I sit down, and once I have these answers, I have already oriented my attention towards the beauty of life, and that almost always shifts my emotional state to a place of more inspiration and possibility.

Now I invite you to play around with this question. Can you allow yourself to imagine, for at least a moment, that you were a soul that may have chosen to come here to experience life? Why might you have chosen to be alive in a human body? If you are feeling stuck, I encourage you to check out the movie Soul, and try asking the question again 💛

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